Mesh & Perforated sheets

The biggest benefit of woven stainless steel is the high resistance corrosion at normal atmosphere conduction where high alloy steel can resist severe circumstance like low / high temperature, high pressure acid or alkaline solution etc.

Perforated sheets are a sheets of stainless steel which have been mechanically stamped or punched to create a pattern of holes, slots or decorative shapes.

Some steels will be exceptional tough at low temperatures while other alloy will maintain strong at high temperature.  Most stainless sheets can be easily fabricated with various weaving types in weaving looms. Stainless steel mesh and perf can withstand various weather conditions and have a highly aesthetic appeal when it comes to architecture applications like fencing and wall decoration. Stainless steel is also easily to maintain when it comes to hygienic characteristics. Stainless steel wire mesh and perf is highly durable can withstand several circumstances over a longer period of time which means that stainless steel can be categorized as a low maintenance material thus this is usually a cost – effective choice in terms of a life cycle comparison regarding to cost.

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